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Welcome to SAIO Group

SAIO Group is a conglomerate of companies that cuts across different sectors of the economy with the aim of meeting personal, local and International business needs. Contributing immensely to both local and the global economic growth through local and international trading .We are duly registered with CAC as a Group of companies to carry out various businesses through our subsidiaries.

SAIO Group is set to contribute immensely to various sectors and fields of the economy. The Group builds its wealth through diversification in the following sectors of the economy. These sectors include:

  • Agriculture
  • Computer, Information Technology, Telecommunication and Security
  • Engineering (Mining and Metallurgical, Mechanical, Automobile, Electrical and Power)
  • Building construction, Real Estates and Property management
  • Human capacity development (Training and Consultancy)
  • Power (Renewable Energy [Solar Energy for Electricity generation] and Non-Renewable), Oil and Gas
  • Finance, Global Financial Market Trading and Investment
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Lending
  • Insurance
  • E-Businesses (E-Commerce, E-Learning etc.)​
our vision

Welcome To Saio Group

Our goal is to become the top choice, making a significant impact on individuals, companies, and both local and global economies, while setting the standard for others to aspire to.

Saio Subsidiaries

Introducing Our Family of Companies: A Closer Look at Our Subsidiaries

SAIO Capital and Investment Company Ltd

SAIO Melchizedek Integrated Resources Company Ltd

SAIO Integrated International Company Ltd

SAIO Investment and Agro-allied Processing Company Ltd

RayRubby Ltd


Smart Investing with Smart Ideas

SAIO Group is poised to make significant contributions to a wide range of industries and sectors within the economy. The Group's wealth is generated through diversification across multiple sectors of the economy.


(Mining and Metallurgical, Mechanical, Automobile, Electrical, and Power):We are involved in diverse sectors like mining, automotive, power generation, and more, to leverage technological advancements and infrastructure development.

Building Construction, Real Estates, and Property Management

Invest in the construction industry and real estate market to potentially profit from property development, rental income, and property value appreciation.

Finance, Global Financial Market Trading, and Investment

Invest in financial institutions, trading platforms, and global markets to diversify investment portfolios and potentially benefit from the dynamics of the financial industry.

Transportation and Logistics

Invest in companies involved in transportation and logistics services to capitalize on the movement of goods and people, driven by global trade and e-commerce growth.


Invest in various aspects of agriculture, including farming, livestock, and agribusiness, to capitalize on the growing demand for food and agricultural products.

Computer, IT, Telecommunication & Security:

Invest in companies driving innovation in technology, telecommunications, and cybersecurity to benefit from the digital transformation and increasing connectivity worldwide.

Human Capacity Development

(Training and Consultancy): Invest in companies offering training and consultancy services to enhance human capital and organizational performance, tapping into the growing demand for professional development.


(Renewable Energy [Solar Energy for Electricity Generation] and Non-Renewable), Oil, and Gas: Invest in the energy sector, both renewable and non-renewable sources, to participate in the shift towards sustainable energy solutions and traditional energy markets.


 Invest in lending institutions or platforms that provide financial services and credit facilities to individuals and businesses, potentially earning returns through interest and loan repayments.


Invest in insurance companies to mitigate risks and protect assets, participating in the insurance industry's financial activities and potential growth opportunities.


(E-Commerce, E-Learning, etc.): Invest in online businesses, such as e-commerce platforms and e-learning services, to benefit from the digital economy's expansion and changing consumer behaviors towards online transactions and education.


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"Saio Group has completely transformed my approach to finances! Their expert team provided personalized advice that helped me make informed decisions and secure my financial future. I couldn't be happier with the results!"

Tokunbo Joshua

"I am beyond impressed with the exceptional service I received from Saio Group. From retirement planning to investment strategies, they guided me every step of the way with professionalism and care. Thanks to them, I now have peace of mind knowing my finances are in good hands."

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