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About SAIO Integrated and International Company

SAIO Integrated and International Company Ltd, SIIC was incorporated to carry out the business of Engineering services (Power-Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy, Building & Construction, Mining, Metallurgical & Materials, Mechanical, Electrical &Electronics-Power) and Energy (Oil and Gas). SIIC is a subsidiary of SAIO GROUP.

SIIC is a top professional company in Nigeria, specializing in Energy, Earth minerals, Engineering, Project management, Oil and Gas services, Solar Energy design and installations, and Consultancy. We aim to be your preferred choice for Solar engineering, Earth minerals, and Energy businesses, attracting investors to fulfill our shared visions.

Our Vision

Driving Energy, Earth minerals and Engineering Excellence for Industrial technological Advancement and economic growth.

Our Services

Solar Energy Design and Installations

SIIC is a leading provider of sustainable energy solutions, specializing in affordable solar design and installation for residential, commercial, and industrial needs. Our expert team creates efficient solar systems to reduce carbon footprint, lower energy costs, and support environmental sustainability. We focus on powering homes and businesses through solar energy, promoting a greener environment and combating climate change. Benefit from renewable energy with our professional assistance in integrating solar power to reduce energy expenses.

Energy Solutions

At SIIC, we understand the critical role of energy in driving economic growth and sustainable development. We offer comprehensive solutions in both renewable and non-renewable energy sectors. Our expertise includes renewable energy sources such as solar power, wind energy, and biomass, as well as non-renewable energy sources like fossil fuels. Through advanced technologies and sustainable practices, we deliver reliable and efficient energy solutions to meet the growing demands of industries and communities.

Oil and Gas Services

SIIC intends to have strong presence in the oil and gas industry, providing a wide range of services to support exploration, production, and refining activities. Our services will include. Modular refineries services, Petroleum products marketing, Maintenance and operations support, Asset integrity management and supply chain solutions. We will combine technical expertise, industry knowledge, and commitment to safety to deliver reliable and efficient solutions in the dynamic oil and gas sector.

Steel Production and Marketing

With the government's commitment to developing the mining sector and completing Ajaokuta Steel, we aim to contribute to national development. Our focus is on exploring business opportunities in Mining, Metallurgy, and Materials. Supplying scrap metals to foundries for steel production in construction is our immediate goal, aiming to reduce imports and save foreign exchange. SIIC aspires to be a key player in mining, steel production, and marketing, emphasizing quality and innovation. Our advanced facilities ensure high-quality steel products for various industries.

Earth Minerals (Metallurgical and Mining)

As a company committed to responsible sourcing and utilization of natural resources, we specialize in earth minerals, particularly in metallurgical and mining activities. Our comprehensive approach covers exploration, extraction, processing, and marketing of minerals, ensuring adherence to strict environmental and ethical standards. By optimizing resource utilization and promoting sustainable practices, we contribute to the development of a responsible and inclusive mining industry.

Project Management

Successful project execution requires effective planning, coordination, and management. Our project management services encompass all stages of a project, from initiation to completion. With a focus on quality, cost control, and timely delivery, we ensure that projects are executed smoothly, meeting, and exceeding client expectations. Our team of experienced project managers and professionals are dedicated to achieving project objectives and maximizing value for our clients.


With our extensive industry experience and knowledge, SIIC provides consultancy services to support businesses in making informed decisions and achieving their objectives. Our consultants offer expertise in areas such as energy management, environmental impact assessment, sustainability strategies, and regulatory compliance. By partnering with us, businesses can gain valuable insights and guidance to navigate complex challenges and unlock new opportunities.

Engineering (Mechanical and Electrical)

SIIC takes pride in its expertise in mechanical and electrical engineering, offering a wide range of engineering solutions for various industries. Our skilled engineers provide comprehensive services, including design, installation, maintenance, and repair of mechanical and electrical systems. From industrial machinery to power generation systems, we will ensure optimal performance, efficiency, and safety across all engineering projects.


Our Customers Feedback!

Our client’s feedback: Exceptional professionalism, expertise, and commitment. Exceeded expectations with quality, timeliness, and attention to detail. Highly recommended for outstanding work and dedication.

Jonah Olawuyi


SAIO project management service has transformed our team with expert project managers who keep us on track, meet deadlines, and communicate effectively with stakeholders. Their personalized approach and attention to detail have elevated our project management process. I highly recommend SAIO for any organization seeking improved project outcomes.

selecting our services is the best decision you can make

At SIIC, we are driven by a shared vision of delivering sustainable solutions, promoting economic growth, and attracting international and national investors to partner with us. Through our commitment to excellence, innovation, and environmental stewardship, we strive to create lasting value for our clients, stakeholders, and communities.

Contact us today to explore partnership opportunities and be a part of our journey towards a sustainable and prosperous future.