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SMIRC was incorporated as a Private Limited Liability Company, a subsidiary of SAIO GROUP. The company is a One stop for all housing solution. The company is into Real Estate, Building design and construction, Property management, Facility management, Property sales, Interior decorations, independent site supervision, and Project management


"To be the trusted partner for local and international investors, offering complete real estate services solutions with unwavering integrity, excellence, and excellent customer service."

  • We provide a good investment opportunity for our clients both home and abroad who intends to be a happy homeowner or wishes to invest in Real Estate. Our team of experienced and quality minded Professionals will help to make your dreams a reality. Our vision is to provide a safe and trustworthy platform for local and international investors, including Nigerians in the diaspora to invest in the real estate sector without fear of losing their money. We aim to offer comprehensive solutions, ensuring maximum safety and fund security, and contribute to the growth of the nation's economy.

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Real Estate

SMIRC is dedicated to the real estate sector, offering a range of investment opportunities, including residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties. Our portfolio includes properties in prime locations, carefully selected to maximize value and potential returns for our investors. Examples include: Residential properties, Commercial properties, Mixed-use properties.

Building Construction

SMIRC takes pride in its expertise in building construction, ensuring high-quality structures that meet the highest industry standards. We collaborate with skilled architects, engineers, and construction professionals to deliver exceptional projects. Services Include: Residential buildings, Commercial buildings, Infrastructure projects

Property and Facility Management

SMIRC offers comprehensive property and facility management services to ensure the optimal performance and maintenance of our clients' real estate assets. Our team of experts oversees day-to-day operations, ensuring smooth functioning and maximizing returns. Maintenance and repairs, Tenant management, Facilities management.

Estate Management

SMIRC specializes in estate management, providing comprehensive services for gated communities, housing estates, and residential complexes. We ensure the smooth operation and maintenance of these communities, creating safe and desirable living environments. Services Include:  Security services, Common area maintenance, Community engagement.

Interior Decorations

SMIRC offers professional interior decoration services to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of our clients' properties. We collaborate with skilled interior designers and decorators to create personalized and inviting spaces. Services Include:  Space planning and design, Material and furniture selection

Land Sale and Leasing

SMIRC facilitates land transactions, providing investors with prime land for various purposes, including residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Our extensive network and market knowledge ensure that investors can make informed decisions and acquire land with excellent growth potential.

Property Management and Sales

SMIRC assists clients in managing and selling their real estate assets. We handle the marketing, negotiations, and legal processes, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for both sellers and buyers.


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Join us at Saio Melchizedek Integrated Resources Company Ltd and embark on a secure and profitable investment journey in the real estate sector. We prioritize your safety, peace of mind, and long-term success. Contact us today to explore the exceptional opportunities available and contribute to the growth.