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SAIO Investment and Agro-allied Processing Company Ltd-SIAC was incorporated to engage in the business of Investment and Agro-Allied, SIAC is a subsidiary of SAIO GROUP.

Our diverse range of activities encompasses farming, Agro-allied processing, animal husbandry, poultry, fish farming, livestock farming, Agro business investment, and commodity trading. Through these endeavors, SIAC aims to drive massive exports, generate substantial foreign exchange earnings, and contribute to the overall growth of the economy, while rekindling the glory of agriculture and agribusiness in Nigeria.

Our Vision

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To revolutionize the agribusiness industry with advanced technology and mechanization, creating a prosperous future for farmers, investors, and the economy.

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We invite both local and foreign investors to explore the unparalleled opportunities available at Saio Investment and Agro-allied Processing Company Ltd. Together, let’s contribute to the growth of Nigeria’s economy, revive the agriculture sector, and shape the future of agribusiness in the nation

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